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The effectiveness of taking care of yourself using acupuncture, herbs and vitality cultivation practices such as qigong and meditation has been validated over thousands of years.  This style of health care is the oldest continuously practiced system of medicine on our planet.

Acupuncture needles in ear

The foundation of my Oriental Medicine practice is classical Five Element Acupuncture. Over 20 years time, my training has expanded to include 8 Principle, 8 Extra and Secondary Channel therapy, Wai Ke, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, Chinese herbology and Sheng Zhen Qigong. I have trained in a contemporary style of acupuncture called German Auricular Medicine. I have recently trained in laser acupuncture. Widely used in Europe, it is painless.

Acupuncture needle in top of foot

Acupuncture needle in top of foot

As human beings, we are continually striving for homeostasis in our physical, mental and emotional health. Body acupuncture directs us towards homeostasis by promoting smooth flow. Blockages in the flow of qi, blood and fluids are removed allowing the body’s own healing energies to work freely. Auricular acupuncture accesses the brain directly via the ear to rebalance the whole body. I have found auricular acupuncture particularly helpful in locating old insults that have not completely healed. In such cases, a person’s energy is still being used to try to balance the old injury leaving less available to heal new conditions. Often a relatively new complaint will not resolve until the old insult[s] have been addressed. Also included in the German Auricular Acupuncture method is the diagnosis and treatment of hidden dental blockages to healing.

Sheng Zhen Qigong class

Sheng Zhen Qigong class

Qigong is exercise and meditation that generates the smooth flow of qi thereby promoting health and happiness, and easing the aging process. The specific style I teach is Sheng Zhen Qigong. Currently I teach interested individuals at the office. There is a free class for seniors on Saturday at the Schweinhant Senior Center in Silver Spring, MD.

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To learn more about Sheng Zhen Qigong, please visit  International Sheng Zhen Society

I am happy to discuss your health issues with you prior to an appointment to determine if they are something I feel qualified to treat. Of course, it is easiest to help a condition that is not long lived, however, chronic, recalcitrant and unusual heath concerns often get surprising results. I truly enjoy working with clients to unravel patterns of ill health and to assist in developing long term strategies for improved health and prevention. I do not use email to correspond professionally so please call me at 301-949-5570.

BA – San Jose State University – 1972
M.Ed. – Boston College – 1976
L.MT – Licensed Massage Therapist – 1978-1994
M.Ac. – Masters in Acupuncture TAI – 1991
L.Ac. – Licensed Acupuncturist - MD #UU401
Dipl.Ac. – Passed the National Acupuncture Exam
Dipl.C.H. – Passed the National Chinese Herbology Exam
Certification in German Auricular Medicine Level One – 2010
Advanced training in cold laser applications level III

Payment and Insurance
Initial session intake and treatment – 1.5 hours – $120-$150
Regular session – 1 hour – $85

I do not take credit cards.

I am a preferred provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Check with your health insurance company to see if acupuncture is covered.

Medicare does not cover acupuncture, but if you have a secondary plan that does, after getting a denial from Medicare, you can submit your claim to the secondary coverage.